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Shaft encoders

Shaft Encoders & Bearingless Encoders

This short paper discusses shaft encoders and bearingless encoders; their relative merits and where design engineers might deploy each type.
Frameless Resolvers

Frameless Resolvers versus Ring Encoders

This article discusses frameless resolvers and ring encoders; compares their merits and suggests an alternate approach.
torque measurement

Torque measurement with angle sensors

This article reviews a technique for measuring torque with angle sensors which was first used in the 1950s is making a comeback.
incremental encoder absolute encoders

Incremental Encoders Versus Absolute Encoders

Article reviewing incremental encoders, absolute encoders and pseudo-absolute encoders and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

BiSS – a CAD Jockey’s Guide

BiSS is a communications system used in industrial automation. It’s a way of exchanging digital data between different parts of a control system.
Ring Encoder

The CAD Jockey’s Guide to Ring Encoders

Ring Encoder refers to a device which measures angular position or speed, has a large through hole and produces an electrical signal proportional to angle.
Ultra-Slow Motion Control

Ultra-Slow Motion Control

This article looks at Ultra-slow speed motion control and, in particular, the critical role of position and speed sensors.
Position Sensors - A Dummy's Guide

Position Sensors – A Dummy’s Guide

This paper is for those who need to get up a learning curve quickly and gain a basic understanding of position sensing and position sensors.
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