Zettlex is the world’s leading design authority in inductive technology for position and speed measurement. All Zettlex technology development is carried out in-house using a world-class team of engineers. Zettlex’s technology skill set includes electromagnetic, electronic, software and mechanical engineering with hundreds of man-years of practical experience.

Specific areas of technology expertise include:

  • Electromagnetic design & simulation of inductively coupled, inductively resonant and inductively non-resonant structures
  • Mixed signal electronics design & simulation of high-reliability electronics
  • Embedded & PC software design
  • Precision mechanical engineering & simulation using 3D CAD
  • Safety related, safety critical and intrinsically safe engineering
  • Electrical & mechanical design for hazardous areas
  • Test engineering and harsh environment qualification
  • Intellectual property landscape for inductive resonance and inductive sensing.

Zettlex engineers are supported by state of the art design facilities including electromagnetic, electronic, software and mechanical CAD. In-house test facilities include cutting edge measurement equipment, prototype workshops, 3D printing and environmental test chambers.

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