EGAUGE launch at Hanover 2007

February 09, 2007

Zettlex technology will be very much on show at this year’s Hanover Messe with ‘Zettlex inside’ several new product launches.

ITI – the UK’s leading instrument manufacturer – is expected to make a big splash in the pressure and temperature gauge sector with their new product launch: eGAUGE. eGAUGE is an electronic module that can be retrofitted to the tens of millions of gauges that are already installed around the world. Zettlex technology is used to measure the rotation of the gauge’s pointer and output an electronic signal accordingly. Such remote monitoring of pressure and temperature is increasingly required as health and safety legislation requires the automatic monitoring of plant and equipment such as burners and boilers. eGAUGE can be calibrated and configured by a technician with a laptop to set analogue outputs, digital outputs at predetermined points; hysterisis, averaging and alarms.

Joe Murray, ITI’s Managing Director says “Gauges have been around for a long time and true innovation in our industry is pretty rare so it’s understandable why the industry is getting so excited about eGAUGE. The other reason that I think people genuinely like eGAUGE is that it’s easy – easy to see what’s happening on an analogue dial and easy to fit.”

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