FLOW-MON Lauch I-MON Flow Monitoring System

February 14, 2007


Flow-Mon Ltd. – a leading UK manufacturer of fluid flow monitors – has announced the launch of the i-Mon flow monitoring system. i-Mon units can be fitted to Flow-Mon’s existing range of instrumentation to measure fluid flow in pipes (between ¼”-8”) and produce 4..20mA electrical signals proportional to fluid flow.

i-Mon uses Zettlex, non-contact position sensing technology to measure flow and store the critical flow calibration data for each unit. The special high stability sensors measure over 1000 points over the full flow range and maintain repeatability ratings (<0.02%) over the full temperature range of -45 to 85 Celsius.

Nathan Smith, Flow-Mon’s Managing Director says “The idea behind i-Mon is the same idea behind the IPOD: mechanical components and systems are replaced with much more reliable and functionality rich software and electronics. This gives us much greater measurement performance and the opportunity to add value to our products.”

Initial launch units have already been shipped to USA, Italy and South Africa.

Christian Freeman, Flow-Mon’s Commercial Manager says “We’re absolutely delighted with the initial feedback from the market and what’s clear is that our customers are keen to get away from the old-fashioned potentiometer systems that are still being pushed by some other companies.”

Flow-Mon company details are available on www.flow-mon.com

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