Position Sensors for Aerospace Applications

The aerospace sector requires electrical equipment to operate safely and reliably in harsh environments over long periods. There is also an increasing emphasis on fuel efficiency and costs, which means increased pressure on weight minimization and maintenance reduction.  Such drivers mean that Zettlex technology is well suited to aerospace applications.

We supply standard and custom products to the military and civil aerospace sector for fixed and rotary wing aircraft including:

  • Speed and position sensors for air to air refuelling equipment
  • Aileron servo feedback sensors for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Throttle and brake position sensors for unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Missile seeker and fin actuation angle sensors
  • Airborne weapons and ISTAR stabilised platform sensors
  • Undercarriage actuator position sensors
  • Synthetic aperture radar and airborne sat-com gimbal sensors
  • Airborne camera and searchlight gimbal angle sensors.

Aerospace Application Requirements

Zettlex is familiar with the sector’s specific requirements such as:-

  • -55Celsius (and lower) operating temperatures
  • Hermetically sealed electronics
  • Duplex or triplex sensors and avoidance of common failures modes
  • High vibration levels, fatigue mitigation and weight minimization
  • Corrosion protection and immunity from aggressive fluids and ice
  • Non-flammability and use of fire-retardant materials
  • Lightning protection and harsh EMC conditions
  • Structured engineering techniques (e.g. MIL-HBK-217+ MTBF calculations, FMECA & Hazard Tree Analyses)
  • Development assurance levels such as DO-178B (to level B) & DO-254
  • DO-160 environmental qualification
  • Rigorous quality assurance including full materiel traceability.
Bespoke Product Examples

Below is a small selection of the bespoke products we’ve developed and supplied to customers in this field – select a product for a brief overview.

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