Position Encoders for Camera Systems

Zettlex supplies encoders for a wide variety of camera and electro-optic systems in defence and civil applications.

Zettlex sensors are used for azimuth (pan) angle encoders, elevation (tilt) encoders, motor encoders and lens focussing. They offer particular utility for motion control at slow speeds (for example tracking moving objects at high zoom or long distance) and for angle measurement in computer generated imagery.

We supply standard and OEM products to camera systems equipment manufacturers for a wide variety of applications, including:-

  • Man-packable and covert surveillance cameras
  • CCTV for buildings and ships
  • Traffic cameras – mobile and static EOI systems (and searchlights) for airborne camera pods
  • EOI systems armoured fighting and reconnaissance vehicles
  • Outside broadcast and studio camera robotics
  • Camera motion controls for booms and trolleys
  • Target acquisition and identification systems.

Camera Application Requirements

Common requirements for our sensors include:-

  • Frictionless, no-contact and no-bearing design
  • Absolute position measurement
  • Low mass
  • Compact size
  • High resolution (to 24bits)
  • Through shaft, low axial height geometry
  • Digital, low latency electrical outputs.
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