Position Sensors for Defence Applications

Zettlex technology is well suited to the defence sector’s particular demands for precision and reliability in tough conditions. Similarly, our organisation is designed to satisfy the defence sector’s requirements for high levels of quality assurance, long term support and confidentiality.

Importantly, Zettlex products are not ITAR controlled and contain no ITAR components. Standard Zettlex IncOders do not normally require an export license unless they are >1000mm diameter or <1 arc-second accuracy. Zettlex products have a solid track record with military equipment in daily operation on land, sea and air.

We supply standard and OEM products to defence equipment manufacturers for a wide variety of applications, including:-

  • Azimuth and elevation position controls for:
    • Camera and surveillance equipment
    • Lightweight, man-packable and airborne ISTAR instruments
    • Goniometers, target designator and indicator systems
    • Radar equipment including airborne synthetic aperture radar
    • Sat-com on the move
    • Electro-optic and infra-red pointing systems
    • Acoustic location equipment – land and submersible
  • Fire control and weapon safety systems
  • Stabilized platforms


  • Munition handling equipment including intrinsically safe electronics
  • Remote control bomb disposal and fire-fighting robotics
  • Actuation controls for mine clearance and engineering vehicles
  • Missile launchers, seekers and fin actuation controls
  • Grenade launchers for armoured fighting and unmanned vehicles
  • Actuator and manipulator controls for unmanned ground, air & marine vehicles
  • Thruster orientation controls for surface ships and submersibles
  • Brushed motor position control/synchronization
  • Brushless DC motor commutation and position controls.
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