Position Sensors for Industrial Applications

Zettlex position sensing technology is used extensively in the industrial sector. We supply standard, customised and fully bespoke sensors for a variety of applications.

Applications for Zettlex sensors include:-

  • Encoders for brushless DC motor commutation & position control
  • Test & measurement equipment – especially IncOders for high accuracy angle measurement
  • Robotic manipulators & CNC machine tools
  • Fluid flow meters & monitors – including multi-phase flow measurement at high temperatures of >200Celsius
  • Valve & actuator position control and measurement including multi-turn encoders for electric actuators and remote meter reading
  • Stock and web feed control for printing equipment and ATMs
  • Sensors for remote electrical display of readings from pressure & temperature dial indicators
  • Shaft angle measurement on large-scale refrigerators and compressors.
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