Position Sensors for Marine Applications

The marine industry requires electrical equipment to operate safely and reliably whilst operating in harsh environments over long periods. Such drivers mean that Zettlex technology is particularly well suited and we have supplied standard and custom devices for a range of applications in the leisure, commercial, industrial, military, sailing and racing sectors.

Zettlex position sensing technology is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Radar antenna pointing controls
  • CCTV controls for tankers and container ships
  • Valve and actuator transmitters for oil and LPG transport ships
  • Sat-com on the move for military and commercial vessels
  • Flow meter position sensors for oil tankers
  • Submersible ROV actuator and hydrovane controls
  • Thruster direction angle sensors
  • Underwater sonar systems
  • Torpedo seekers and fin actuation systems
  • BLDC motor commutation and position encoders for electrically actuated steering and hydroplanes
  • Position and speed controls for military propulsion systems
  • Non-lethal weapons systems for anti-piracy.
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