Position Encoders for Medical Equipment

Zettlex is best known for supplying position sensing technology into high profile military equipment, so it comes as a surprise to many that the medical sector is Zettlex’s largest single market.

Zettlex supplies position sensing technology into a wide variety of medical applications ranging from personal, portable devices to large surgical installations. The common theme is a requirement for safe and reliable operation often in a compact or lightweight format.

We supply standard and custom sensors to medical, laboratory and surgical equipment manufacturers in a variety of applications, including:-

  • Radiographic scanners (where there is a requirement of sensors to operate and withstand high levels of ionizing radiation)
  • Magnetic resonance scanners (where there is a requirement of sensors to operate without magnets, conductive or magnetically permeable materials)
  • Surgical robotics
  • Endoscopic manipulators
  • Prosthetics
  • Automated laboratory equipment
  • Ultrasound equipment.
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