Position Sensors for Oil & Gas Applications

A vast range of position sensing requirements and applications exist within the oil and gas sector, ranging from valve actuators to down-hole drilling equipment to deep-sea ROVs and sea-bed installations.  Nevertheless there is a common factor – safe and reliable operation in harsh conditions.

Zettlex supplies standard and custom sensors to equipment manufacturers and system integrators in the oil and gas industry.  The sensors are used in a variety of on-shore, off-shore, sub-sea and downstream applications, including:-

  • Liquid flow-monitors and meters (including ATEX certified)
  • Valve and actuator position transmitters with 4-20mA, NAMUR and HART electrical outputs (including ATEX certified)
  • Down hole actuator position control sensors
  • Submersible ROV manipulator, rudder and hydroplane actuators sensors
  • Winding gear position and speed sensors
  • Brushless DC motor encoders for commutation and position control.
Position sensor for oil & gas

Oil & Gas Application Requirements

Technical requirements within the oil & gas sector typically include:

  • High temperature operation at >125Celsius in down hole applications
  • 2 wire 4-20mA, NAMUR and HART electrical outputs
  • Intrinsically safe operation with ATEX or CSA certification
  • Explosion proof, high pressure or pressure compensated enclosures
  • Electrically duplex or triplex operation
  • Use of non-flammable, flame retardant and corrosion resistant materials
  • High MTBF.
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