Position Sensors for Off-Road & Specialist Vehicles

Zettlex is most well-known for supplying position sensors into high-profile military vehicles, however we supply just as many sensors to non-military vehicles used in agriculture, forestry, building, mining, security, outside broadcast and garbage collection.

A common application is the use of sensors in aerial work platforms, rotary joints and hydraulic actuator positioning. We also supply sensors for the emerging markets of unmanned vehicles, driverless cars, electric vehicles and in-wheel hub electric motors.

Off-Road & Specialist Vehicle Application Requirements

The common requirement for all such sensors is accurate and reliable operation in harsh environments. Specific requirements may include:-

  • Backwards compatibility of electrical interfaces (typically 0-10V potentiometer style)
  • Absolute position measurement
  • Tight space constraints
  • Backward compatibility of mechanical interfaces
  • Robust in harsh environments – waterproof, unaffected by aggressive chemicals, vibration, extreme temperatures
  • Low power consumption
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