New Calibration Equipment

February 21, 2007

Zettlex will shortly take delivery of the first of two automatic test machines built by C-Tech in Chester. The first unit will be a linear system which is a bespoke unit designed to calibrate Zettlex linear encoders up to 1300mm long. The machine incorporates super high rigidity mechanical slides and a high precision optical encoder from Jena Optik in Germany with a measurement resolution of 0,2microns.

The second unit is currently in the final stages of build and is intended for calibration of rotary encoders. As with the linear unit, the rotary unit includes a high precision optical encoder from Jena Optik with an angular resolution of <0,1 arc seconds.

Zettlex’s Technical Manager explains “This new automatic test equipment has been a very large investment in terms of time, effort and money by Zettlex but we’re confident the investment will yield returns because we are now able to offer our customers even more accurate sensors than we could previously.  Measuring on such a small scale is no longer beyond our means.”

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