New Ultra IncOder™ Series

June 26, 2019

IncOder Ultra

Celera Motion is pleased to announce a new Ultra IncOder™ Series, a high accuracy range of the original IncOder Series. This product is an absolute, inductive encoder which allows precision angle measurement in harsh environments.

The new Ultra IncOder Series is available in sizes 75 to 300mm. Each unit is pre-calibrated and offers up to 19 arc-seconds accuracy depending on size. Higher accuracy units enable precise positioning and optimal system performance.

Details can be found in the Midi Ultra IncOder Product Guide and small quantities are available for purchase from the online shop.

The original IncOder Series has also expanded to include multi-turn communication protocols and a range of integral radial and tangential cables, for wet and severe shock and vibration environments.

The new options are detailed in IncOder Product Guide Rev 4.11.6 which is now is 5 parts:-

Josef de Pfeiffer, Head of Commercial – Zettlex, comments: “IncOder is an important product range for Celera Motion and we are delighted to introduce the latest set of expanded products. We are particularly excited to formally launch the Ultra High Accuracy Series as we have seen a strong market demand for such products.”

If you would like to discuss your next project, please contact Celera Motion and we will be happy to help.

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