Radar Production underway at Global Partnerships

July 16, 2018

Global Partnerships is a leading engineering business, specialising in composite structures which include sophisticated electrical and electronic systems. Following a rigorous qualification process, a new generation of maritime radar has started production at Global’s headquarters near Cambridge, UK. The radar drive system features Zettlex IncOders to measure azimuth angle and control angular speed.

Chris Newland, Global Partnerships Managing Director comments: “Maritime radar systems are mission critical elements for modern ships and the technical requirements are extreme. Some aspects such as high reliability in salt spray, driving rain, high and low temperatures are obvious. There are also less obvious aspects such as severe electromagnetic noise, tight weight limits and constant rotation speed in gale-force winds. Angle encoders are a key element and we chose Zettlex IncOders. I’m glad to say Zettlex didn’t let us down – they lived up to their ‘precision in the extreme’ claim.”

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