Zettlex wind energy sensors

May 22, 2007

Zettlex to develop instrumentation for offshore wind turbines with TWI, Siemens & Scottish Power.
In a consortium led by TWI (formerly The Welding Institute) Zettlex is to develop a range of sensors and instrumentation to monitor the condition of offshore wind turbines and platforms.

Given the capital expense and sophistication of such installations it’s imperative that the condition of civil, mechanical and electrical systems is monitored to ensure minimum down-time and maximum power generation. Nevertheless, traditional sensor technologies have proven unreliable in the very harsh conditions – which by their very nature are in extreme weather conditions.

The sensors will be used for turbine blade flexure measurement; structural/tower movement and drive shaft speed/torque measurement.

TWI’s Programme Director said “We were impressed by Zettlex’s innovative design approach but in particular, the ability of the technology to keep on operating even in the harshest environments.”

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